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Showing 1 - 48 of 119 products
Sandwich Bread  500g -
Finagle Sandwich Bread 500g
Sale priceRs385.00
Sweet Bread  240g -
Finagle Sweet Bread 240g
Sale priceRs230.00
Vienna Rolls 6Pcs - 460g Pack -
Devilled Chicken Pizza -
Finagle Devilled Chicken Pizza
Sale priceRs1,850.00
Vege Stuffed Roti 6Pcs  460g -
Sandwich Bread  400g -
Finagle Sandwich Bread 400g
Sale priceRs220.00
Multi Seed Bread (Low Gi) - 200g -
Set Menu Iftar Pack -
Paan Paan Set Menu Iftar Pack
Sale priceRs570.00
Sold out
Nutella Shake -
Paan Paan Nutella Shake
Sale priceRs360.00
Smoked Chicken Quiche Pie -
Baked Chicken Pattie -
Paan Paan Baked Chicken Pattie
Sale priceRs100.00
Chicken Celery & Corn Pie -
Chicken Samosa -
Paan Paan Chicken Samosa
Sale priceRs100.00
Tandoori Chicken Pizza -
Finagle Tandoori Chicken Pizza
Sale priceRs1,950.00
Fish Stuffed Roti 6Pcs  460g -
Burger Bread (2 in 1) -
Finagle Burger Bread (2 in 1)
Sale priceRs160.00
Kurakkan Bread 450g -
Finagle Kurakkan Bread 450g
Sale priceRs250.00
Sold out
Frozen Pattie Sheets (20 Pcs) -
Frozen Puff Pastry Sheets (24 Pcs) -
Frozen Mini Pizzas base (18 Pcs) -
Pistachio Milk (200Ml) -
Paan Paan Pistachio Milk (200Ml)
Sale priceRs220.00
Almond Milk (200Ml) -
Paan Paan Almond Milk (200Ml)
Sale priceRs220.00
Faluda Milk (200Ml) -
Paan Paan Faluda Milk (200Ml)
Sale priceRs220.00
Pani Dodang With Sea Salt -
Ginger Beer -
Paan Paan Ginger Beer
Sale priceRs325.00
Naarang Juice -
Paan Paan Naarang Juice
Sale priceRs325.00
Date Bar -
Paan Paan Date Bar
Sale priceRs160.00
Chocolate Cookies (150G) -
Frozen Large Pizzas base (2 Pcs) -
Date & Peanut Tart -
Paan Paan Date & Peanut Tart
Sale priceRs100.00
Ribbon Cake Piece -
Paan Paan Ribbon Cake Piece
Sale priceRs170.00
Iced Coffee -
Paan Paan Iced Coffee
Sale priceRs220.00
Chocolate Cake Piece -
Paan Paan Chocolate Cake Piece
Sale priceRs180.00
Almond Tart -
Paan Paan Almond Tart
Sale priceRs120.00
Chocolate Éclair -
Paan Paan Chocolate Éclair
Sale priceRs110.00
Lime Fusion Mint -
Paan Paan Lime Fusion Mint
Sale priceRs325.00
Chocolate Chip Muffin -
Paan Paan Chocolate Chip Muffin
Sale priceRs200.00
Magic Bar -
Paan Paan Magic Bar
Sale priceRs200.00
Oat & Spice Cookies (150G) -
Safia'S Milk Toffee (6Pc) -
Brownies -
Paan Paan Brownies
Sale priceRs200.00
Spicy Chicken & Cheese Tart -
Nandies Milk Toffee -
Paan Paan Nandies Milk Toffee
Sale priceRs170.00
Fruit Tart -
Paan Paan Fruit Tart
Sale priceRs220.00
Paris Brest -
Paan Paan Paris Brest
Sale priceRs110.00
Chicken Puff -
Paan Paan Chicken Puff
Sale priceRs110.00
Fish Cutlet -
Paan Paan Fish Cutlet
Sale priceRs100.00
Chocolate Cream Doughnut -

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