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Showing 1 - 48 of 51 products
Crispy Chicken Burger -
Crispy Chicken Combo -
Burgers Hut Crispy Chicken Combo
Sale priceRs980.00
Shawarma  Chicken -
Burgers Hut Shawarma Chicken
Sale priceRs770.00
Stuff Burger -
Burgers Hut Stuff Burger
Sale priceRs890.00
Smoked Chicken Burger -
Cordon Bleu  Burger -
Burgers Hut Cordon Bleu Burger
Sale priceRs890.00
Kids Meal ( Burger, Pepsi & Fries) -
Grilled Chicken Combo -
Chicken Double Patty Combo -
Chicken Hot N' Spicy Combo -
Hash Browns 2 Pcs -
Burgers Hut Hash Browns 2 Pcs
Sale priceRs390.00
Morning Blast Chicken Burger -
Omlet With Authentic Spicy Cheese Burger -
Egg With Chicken Bacon Burger -
Sausage And Egg Burger -
Cheese Egg Burger -
Burgers Hut Cheese Egg Burger
Sale priceRs320.00
Seekh Kebab (Chicken) -
Seekh Kebab (Beef) -
Burgers Hut Seekh Kebab (Beef)
Sale priceRs900.00
Shredded Beef Burger -
Burgers Hut Shredded Beef Burger
Sale priceRs900.00
Crown  Beef Burger -
Burgers Hut Crown Beef Burger
Sale priceRs850.00
Chilli Beef Cheese Burger -
Chilli Chicken Cheese Burger -
Nugget  8 Pcs -
Burgers Hut Nugget 8 Pcs
Sale priceRs780.00
Fillet -
Burgers Hut Fillet
Sale priceRs640.00
Drumlet 8 Pcs -
Burgers Hut Drumlet 8 Pcs
Sale priceRs1,050.00
Drumlet 4 Pcs -
Burgers Hut Drumlet 4 Pcs
Sale priceRs620.00
Crispy Wrap -
Burgers Hut Crispy Wrap
Sale priceRs780.00
Cheese Chicken Burger -
Supreme Beef Burger -
Burgers Hut Supreme Beef Burger
Sale priceRs820.00
Tandoori Burger -
Burgers Hut Tandoori Burger
Sale priceRs780.00
Jumbo -
Burgers Hut Jumbo
Sale priceRs420.00
BBQ Chicken 1/4 -
Burgers Hut BBQ Chicken 1/4
Sale priceRs640.00
Grill Wings -
Burgers Hut Grill Wings
Sale priceRs380.00
Chicken Kebab -
Burgers Hut Chicken Kebab
Sale priceRs800.00
Beef Kebab -
Burgers Hut Beef Kebab
Sale priceRs960.00
French Fries -
Burgers Hut French Fries
Sale priceRs780.00
Submarine Chicken -
Burgers Hut Submarine Chicken
Sale priceRs890.00
Fish Burger -
Burgers Hut Fish Burger
Sale priceRs490.00
Veg Burger -
Burgers Hut Veg Burger
Sale priceRs490.00
Grill Beef Burger -
Burgers Hut Grill Beef Burger
Sale priceRs890.00
Grill Chicken Burger -
Burgers Hut Grill Chicken Burger
Sale priceRs760.00
Big Roast Burger -
Burgers Hut Big Roast Burger
Sale priceRs660.00
Jr. Burger -
Burgers Hut Jr. Burger
Sale priceRs580.00
Beef Burger -
Burgers Hut Beef Burger
Sale priceRs740.00
Chicken Burger -
Burgers Hut Chicken Burger
Sale priceRs720.00
Double Patty Burger -
Burgers Hut Double Patty Burger
Sale priceRs740.00
Triple Hut  Burger -
Burgers Hut Triple Hut Burger
Sale priceRs890.00
Chicken Steak Burger -
Burgers Hut Chicken Steak Burger
Sale priceRs840.00

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