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Showing 1 - 48 of 257 products
Amberalla Juice -
Pilawoos Amberalla Juice
Sale priceRs330.00
Apple Juice -
Pilawoos Apple Juice
Sale priceRs355.00
Avacado Juice -
Pilawoos Avacado Juice
Sale priceRs420.00
BBQ Burger -
Pilawoos BBQ Burger
Sale priceRs770.00
Bbq Hot Dog -
Pilawoos Bbq Hot Dog
Sale priceRs550.00
Beef Biriyani -
Pilawoos Beef Biriyani
Sale priceRs990.00
Beef Biriyani Full -
Pilawoos Beef Biriyani Full
Sale priceRs1,210.00
Beef Biriyani Sawan -
Pilawoos Beef Biriyani Sawan
Sale priceRs8,800.00
Beef Bistake Curry -
Pilawoos Beef Bistake Curry
Sale priceRs495.00
Beef Cheese Rotty -
Pilawoos Beef Cheese Rotty
Sale priceRs1,100.00
Beef Dolphine kottu -
Pilawoos Beef Dolphine kottu
Sale priceRs1,067.00
Beef Dolphine kottu Full -
Pilawoos Beef Dolphine kottu Full
Sale priceRs1,430.00
Beef Fried Rice -
Pilawoos Beef Fried Rice
Sale priceRs935.00
Beef Fry -
Pilawoos Beef Fry
Sale priceRs495.00
Beef kottu -
Pilawoos Beef kottu
Sale priceRs880.00
Beef Masala -
Pilawoos Beef Masala
Sale priceRs935.00
Beef Masala Dolphine -
Pilawoos Beef Masala Dolphine
Sale priceRs1,320.00
Beef Masala Dolphine Full -
Pilawoos Beef Masala Dolphine Full
Sale priceRs1,595.00
Beef Masala kottu -
Pilawoos Beef Masala kottu
Sale priceRs1,210.00
Beef Masala String Hopper Kottu -
Beef Masala String Hopper Kottu Full -
Beef Mini Submarine -
Pilawoos Beef Mini Submarine
Sale priceRs550.00
Beef Palandi -
Pilawoos Beef Palandi
Sale priceRs990.00
Beef Palandi Dolphine -
Pilawoos Beef Palandi Dolphine
Sale priceRs1,430.00
Beef Palandi Dolphine Full -
Pilawoos Beef Palandi Dolphine Full
Sale priceRs1,710.00
Beef Palandi kottu -
Pilawoos Beef Palandi kottu
Sale priceRs1,265.00
Beef Palandi String Hoppers Kottu -
Beef Palandi String Hoppers Kottu Full -
Beef Rice & Curry -
Pilawoos Beef Rice & Curry
Sale priceRs465.00
Beef Rice & Curry Full -
Pilawoos Beef Rice & Curry Full
Sale priceRs550.00
Beef Rice & Curry Sawan -
Pilawoos Beef Rice & Curry Sawan
Sale priceRs5,280.00
Beef Roast Curry -
Pilawoos Beef Roast Curry
Sale priceRs528.00
Beef Rotty -
Pilawoos Beef Rotty
Sale priceRs110.00
Beef Sandwiches -
Pilawoos Beef Sandwiches
Sale priceRs770.00
Beef Shawarma -
Pilawoos Beef Shawarma
Sale priceRs880.00
Beef String Hoppers Biriyani -
Beef String Hoppers Biriyani Full -
Beef String Hoppers Biriyani Sawan -
Beef String Hoppers Kottu -
Pilawoos Beef String Hoppers Kottu
Sale priceRs1,045.00
Beef Submarine -
Pilawoos Beef Submarine
Sale priceRs935.00
Black Coffee -
Pilawoos Black Coffee
Sale priceRs90.00
Carrot Juice -
Pilawoos Carrot Juice
Sale priceRs330.00
Chali Burger -
Pilawoos Chali Burger
Sale priceRs825.00
Cheese kottu -
Pilawoos Cheese kottu
Sale priceRs970.00
Cheese Parata
Pilawoos Cheese Parata
Sale priceRs200.00
Chicken Biriyani -
Pilawoos Chicken Biriyani
Sale priceRs825.00
Chicken Biriyani Full -
Pilawoos Chicken Biriyani Full
Sale priceRs1,045.00
Chicken Biriyani Sawan -
Pilawoos Chicken Biriyani Sawan
Sale priceRs7,700.00

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