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Showing 1 - 48 of 100 products
Rose Bunch - Flowers - Blooms -
Sale priceRs1,680.00
Rose BunchBlooms
Chocalate Chip Cake 1kg - Cakes - Cinnamon Lakeside -
Red Rose (Single) Special -
Sale priceRs840.00
Red Rose (Single) SpecialBlooms
Monte Cristo Cake 1kg - Cakes - Cinnamon Lakeside -
Blue berry cheese Cake 1kg - Cakes - Cinnamon Lakeside -
Assorted flower bunch (Roses and Chrysanthemums) - Flowers - Blooms -
Mixed Flower bunch - Flowers - Blooms -
Sale priceRs2,330.00
Mixed Flower bunchBlooms
Black Forest Cake 1Kg - Cakes - Cinnamon Lakeside -
Red Velvet Cheesy Cake - Cakes - Coffee stop -
Sale priceRs7,900.00
Red Velvet Cheesy CakeCoffee stop Sold out
Mini Dark Chocolate Strawberry Glace 500g - Cakes - Coffee stop -
Chocolate Black Forest 1Kg - Cakes - Coffee stop -
Sale priceRs5,400.00
Chocolate Black Forest 1KgCoffee stop Sold out
White Chocolate Chip Cake 1Kg - Cakes - Coffee stop -
Sale priceRs5,900.00
White Chocolate Chip Cake 1KgCoffee stop Sold out
Cappuccino Cake 500g - Cakes - Coffee stop -
Sale priceRs3,300.00
Cappuccino Cake 500gCoffee stop Sold out
Cinnamon Grand Chocolate Chip Glory 1Kg - Cakes - Coffee stop -
Fruit Flan Cake 1kg - Cakes - Cinnamon Lakeside -
Assorted flower pot - Flowers - Blooms -
Sale priceRs4,690.00
Assorted flower potBlooms
Basket of Love - Flowers - Blooms -
Sale priceRs6,240.00
Basket of LoveBlooms
Roses in a bunch - Flowers - Blooms -
Sale priceRs6,120.00
Roses in a bunchBlooms
Just a thought - Flowers - Blooms -
Sale priceRs4,220.00
Just a thoughtBlooms
Chocolate Brownie -
Sale priceRs250.00
Chocolate BrownieDivine Cakes
Vanilla Butter Cake - Cakes - Coffee stop -
Sale priceRs3,630.00
Vanilla Butter CakeCoffee stop Sold out
Mix Flower Bunch - Flowers - Blooms -
Sale priceRs5,450.00
Mix Flower BunchBlooms
Butter Cookies Packet -
Éclair -
Sale priceRs170.00
ÉclairDivine Cakes
Thala Packet -
Sale priceRs1,360.00
Thala PacketDivine Cakes
Milk toffee Packet -
Sale priceRs970.00
Milk toffee PacketDivine Cakes
Biscuit Pudding Cup -
Sale priceRs370.00
Biscuit Pudding CupDivine Cakes
Blueberry Cold Cheese Cup -
Strawberry Cold cheese Cup -
Chocolate Mousse Cup -
Chocolate Mud Cup Cake -
Ribbon Cup Cake -
Sale priceRs230.00
Ribbon Cup CakeDivine Cakes
Chocolate Cup Cake -
Sale priceRs230.00
Chocolate Cup CakeDivine Cakes
Tiramisu Cake -
Sale priceRs3,280.00
Tiramisu CakeDivine Cakes
Mocca Gateaux -
Sale priceRs3,170.00
Mocca GateauxDivine Cakes
Mix Fruit Gateaux -
Sale priceRs5,090.00
Mix Fruit GateauxDivine Cakes
Chocolate Swiss roll -
Sale priceRs1,810.00
Chocolate Swiss rollDivine Cakes
Vanilla Swiss roll -
Sale priceRs1,810.00
Vanilla Swiss rollDivine Cakes
Chocolate Gateaux -
Sale priceRs3,340.00
Chocolate GateauxDivine Cakes
Pineapple  Gateaux -
Sale priceRs3,390.00
Pineapple GateauxDivine Cakes
Passion Fruit Bavarian Cheese Cake -
Blueberry Cold Cheese Cake -
Strawberry Cold cheese Cake -
Chocolate Biscuit Pudding -
Chocolate Mousse Cake -
Sale priceRs3,280.00
Chocolate Mousse CakeDivine Cakes
Black Forest Gateaux -
Sale priceRs3,390.00
Black Forest GateauxDivine Cakes
Butter Scotch Nut & Meringue -
Devil Chocolate Mousse -
Sale priceRs3,730.00
Devil Chocolate MousseDivine Cakes

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